Life is like a dream, carry a faith forward. I know that life is a hard practice. Walking in the world fetters rebirth, the lost, the owned, the pursued and the entangled are all suppressing a weak heart. Each person's position is different, environment is different, character is different, then there are all kinds of desire, also have the desire that can't be satisfied. Countless times asked themselves, why people are not happy in the end for what? We are always looking for a kind of perfection. We are always struggling for our own mistakes and the loss of others' lives, but we ignore the need of life to be calm and face the reality to be stable. The more we pursue, the smaller the goal we achieve, and the fickleness of human nature often lead us to lose our mind, lose our square and grasp the happiness in front of us. In fact, life is a process of gain and loss compatibility. Looking back, there are only a few left in our hands, leaving a blank face. Along the way, except for a tired body, it seems that they are all left in a hurry. Always feel, if the heart is careful, everywhere is the lock, if the heart is open, all eyes are scenery. The mountain is high and the road is far away, we need to appreciate it slowly; the life is bitter and sweet, we need to taste it calmly. Walking for a while shortens a life. In the limited time, we should grasp the scale of life, turn the gains and losses into a drop of sweet spring, and make the soul clear and transparent, which is not a waste of this life. How many people, in order to understand a word, trek through thousands of mountains and rivers, through countless mental journey. A word of understanding is better than a thousand words; a word of understanding is made up of thousands of words. A margin word, and how many people lost. Know, is the most beautiful fate. Valuing the present is the greatest wealth. Wind and smoke past, everything is difficult to do, only the heart to the sun, cherish every day of life, walking on the road will leave the most beautiful scenery.